eHow Work At Home Freelance Writing Jobs (Home and Garden)

December 6, 2011

Work At Home Writing

Demand Media Studios needs freelance writers for eHow Home & Garden. current assignments cover a variety of topics in the home and garden space, which will allow you to combine your knowledge with your unique experiences to write informative and instructional articles. Every article will help eHow’s audience with their projects and satisfy their curiosity.

Reliable and Timely Paychecks

Writing for eHow Home enables you to set your own hours and determine your workload and earning potential. When claiming assignments, you will see pay rates clearly displayed next to each article titles. Payments are generally $15 per 300-word article. All payments are issued through PayPal twice a week.

Tips for Applying

Resume – Our writers come from a variety of educational and occupational backgrounds. For eHow Home, we are looking for one of the following, so make sure your resume speaks to at least one:

Firsthand experience in one or more of the above home or garden topics
Experience writing on any of the above home or garden topics
College degree in journalism, English or communications
Degree or certification in any home or garden area

Writing Sample – The editorial team will use your sample to gauge your writing ability, so make sure that your submitted sample best represents you as a writer. Here are some tips:

Grammar matters – avoid sending samples with obvious spelling and grammatical mistakes.
Think “encyclopedia” – Our articles are informative, so we want to know you can write in clear, concise style.
Showcase your skills – Overly technical papers, poems and colloquial blogs do not allow us to properly judge your writing ability.

Please note: Writers are also encouraged to submit writing samples on relevant home and garden topics, if possible.

To apply and for more information about the job, CLICK HERE.

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