Examiner Work at Home Writing Opportunity

June 12, 2009

Examiner Work At Home Writing

I found out about the Examiner.com work at home writing opportunity from a friend who writes for the website. First, this will not be a full-time or even part-time income for many, but I felt the need to post it because from what she says they do pay on time for her every month.

According to the official website, …On average, an active and successful Examiner spends 4-6 hours a week creating and publishing their content on Examiner.com, responding to comments from readers, and investing in social marketing. Some Examiners spend far more time, publishing 5 or more articles a day. The time you spend is truly up to you, but frequent publishing is one major key to success as an Examiner.

How much does Examiner.com pay their writers?
You are paid based on an advertising sharing program and most writers seem to only average $2-$3 per article. If you have a small bill to pay, or want to just get some writing experience, you may want to look into this writing opportunity. My friend said she makes between $50-100 a month and posts 4-6 articles a week.

If you’re interested in applying or need more information, visit the Examiner Writer Info Page.

Are you an Examiner.com writer? Feel free to share your experiences below.

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