How To Beat The Recession And Save Money For Christmas

October 27, 2009

Make a list and check it twice

Just like Santa himself, make a list and check it twice. Write down absolutely everything you need to buy this Christmas, and keep it somewhere safe. Tick off each item as you buy it, but make sure to keep it away from the kids – don’t let them see what presents are on the list!

Writing a list in this way is simply like creating your regular shopping list. Make sure you account for absolutely everything though, and don’t be tempted to add things to it that you don’t really need. This can apply all year round too, making lists gives you focus and helps you stay out of debt.

Ok, this may be a little late for Christmas 2009, but if you get to work now, then you should be able to grow your own vegetables for next Christmas!

Not only is growing your own vegetables fun, it could save you a considerable amount of money over the festive period.

What’s more, when you tell people you have grown your own vegetables they should be pretty impressed – and may even try and grow their own!

Hark! The Herald Carolers Sing

Not everyone has the voice of an angel, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of carol singing. It’s a tradition that could be dying out in this country, so why not help it grow again and take the kids out round your local streets for a spot of carol singing?

Even if it’s a few verses of jingle bells, the neighbors (most of them) will love it and may even give the kids a bit of spare change for it!

Carol singing won’t save you any money, but it will certainly take away the stress of the festive period for a night or two, and the kids should love it (they will like it even more if they get to dress up as Santa or his reindeer)!
Creativity doesn’t have to look cheap
One of the best ways to save yourself money this Christmas is to make things yourself. From cards to presents and decorations to displays, you could save yourself hundreds by just making things yourself. Making your own things can often look cheap, but it doesn’t have to.

For example, take the Christmas cards from last year, chop them up and use the pictures for decorations – or even better, chop the front of the card off and send it as a Christmas ‘postcard’ to your friends/family – then you won’t have to buy any cards!

Or, why not make your own presents. This doesn’t mean make your own Christmas poster out of old cards (or something similar), but why not try making a ‘cliché’ reindeer jumper? Or how about your own jam or Christmas pudding?

If you are stuck for ideas on this, then have a think – did you receive any presents last year that you just haven’t used? If so, then why not wrap them up and give away as presents – this may sound ungrateful, but the unwanted presents are better off with someone who will actually use them!

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