Medical Learning Systems Needs A Work At Home Medical Copy Editor

January 22, 2010

Medical Copy Editor Job

Medical Learning Systems is looking for a Medical Copy Editor to join their team. This is an ideal role for a freelance medical copy editor who has experience editing and authoring medical content for a professional audience, and who is motivated by potential advancement to a full-time position as Managing Editor (Deputy Editor). Alternatively, someone with a background in science who has strong writing, editing, and research skills and related career aspirations (editing for Cell, Nature, Neuron, etc.) may also be a strong fit for this position.

Compensation is highly competitive and commensurate with experience and may include performance incentives, stock options, and full benefits (benefits available only upon advancement to full-time).


* Question ambiguities and inconsistencies in copy style.
* Make sure references are cited according to AMA style.
* Assist with medical writing and research when requested.
* Correct all typographical, spelling, grammatical and usage errors.
* Check format(s) for consistency and sense (correct size and boldness to correspond to emphasis in copy)
* Research current medical knowledge.
* Respond to content-related inquiries.
* Manage website/database content.
* If a candidate is interested, there may be opportunities to represent the company in various social media outlets such as Facebook, and to participate in statistical analysis of medical student learning patterns (with the goal of improving the company’s learning algorithms and user experience).


* Experience with medical (preferred) or biological copyediting.
* Bachelors degree in the sciences (life science degrees and/or an advanced degree is preferred, but not required).
* Passion for researching, learning, and applying newfound medical knowledge.
* Detail-oriented with good written, verbal and interpersonal skills.
* Excellent research skills.
* Excellent organizational skills; ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously
* Customer service orientation.
* Self-starter who can work independently to solve problems creatively and prioritize tasks.
* A passion (and proficiency using) for technology.
* Proficient in MS Office Suite (Word, Excel).
* Medical industry experience and/or knowledge.

To apply, please send a resume (LinkedIn profile is acceptable), along with a brief description of interest and qualification, to For more information visit the Job Profile Page.

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