Mobile Home Blogger Needed

January 31, 2012

Mobile Home Blogger Job

Do you live in a mobile home and write about how you’re making the most of out life?

We’re a supply store in an industry notorious for poor customer service, and our mission is to change the standard that mobile home residents expect. While niche hardware stores like ours are closing down across the country, we’re growing by providing friendly service and responsiveness to our in-store and online customers.

Looking for a blogger to :

– Write about how you’re making the most out of mobile home life.
– Guest blog. Find established blogs, contact the blogger about your article that is a good fit on their chosen topic, get your article posted.
– Link to The article topic need not be about supplies, but include a link to our site in the article content and byline.
Get paid $25 per article (minimum 500 words) successfully posted on an established blog. One article per week.
– Be positive. We want to provide inspiration and helpfulness for residents of mobile homes through articles that impact their daily lives.


– Original content that you write.
– Guest blog on a different established blog each week.
– One do-follow link in article content and one in the byline.
– Byline text – [your name] writes for CompleteMH, a mobile home parts company committed to customer service.
– Honesty. No need to sugar coat it, people live in mobile homes because they’re cheaper than stick-built homes. Mobile home life has challenges, write about how you overcome them.

How to apply
Email with examples of previous writing.

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