Outcomes Medical Coder Work At Home Job

November 19, 2009

Outcomes Medical Coder Job

Outcomes is currently recruiting medical coders to work from home.​ This opportunity requires strong ICD-9-CM diagnosis coding skills and at least one of the following credentials: CCS, CCS-P, RHIT or RHIA.​ Coders/ ​Abstractors are paid a per chart fee for each chart data entered into our database.​ We Code all Diagnosis found on each date of service from the medical record.​

Coders must have high-speed internet access, a home computer with current Windows operating system, MS Internet Explorer (version 6.​0.​2 or better) and Adobe 6.​0 or better.​ Must be willing to commit at least 20 hours per week.​

Required Education and Experience:
* CCS, CCS-P, RHIA, and RHIT certification status required; and
* At least three years’ experience as a medical coder/​abstractor.​

Job Requirements:
* Must be able to commit to at least 20 hours per week.​
* Extensive knowledge of ICD-9-CM outpatient diagnosis coding guidelines (with knowledge and demonstrated understanding of CMS HCC Risk Adjustment coding and data validation requirements preferred);
* Ability to code using an ICD-9-CM code book (without using an encoder);
* Strong clinical skills related to chronic illness diagnosis, treatment and management;
* Reliability and a commitment to meeting tight deadlines (48-hour turnaround time on all assigned charts);
* Willingness to work some weekends and evening hours to meet changing client goals;
* Personal discipline to work remotely without direct supervision;
* Exemplary attention to detail and completeness—all medical coders must maintain 95%​ accuracy on all assignments;
* Computer proficiency (including Windows, MS Office, and the internet);
* Must have high speed internet access, a home computer, a Windows operating system, Internet Explorer 6.​0, and Adobe 6.​0 or better.​

If you are dedicated to quality, have the required experience, and desire a challenging and rewarding position, please apply online at www.​outcomesinc.​com

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judy Trueblood January 14, 2011 at 8:12 pm

I am a certified coder with the AAPC I would like information on working from home. I have been working in office setting for over 15 years and would like to work from home.thank you

SONIA LYSSY October 17, 2012 at 3:14 pm

I am a certified coder with aapc , have been in the medical field for over 32 years and I am starting to semi retire if i can find a work at home coding job , I have seen the the medical coding position from outcome but there is no way to submit my resume, can you help

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